Sunday, June 22, 2014


We came to this place for a "No cooling call".
We found this 14 year old air conditioning system not working. After it was inspected a defective run capacitor and contactor were found.
Notice this unit was in the past repaired. You will see how the prior repair was not properly done. The capacitors are hanging inside the electrical compartment, not properly attached. Notice how corroded are the contactor and how worn out are the high voltage contacts.
We installed a new run capacitor for the outdoor fan and a new contactor, also attached all capacitors the way it is supposed to be. We also took extra care and installed new wire connectors in all connections and wire tied all wires.
This is the difference North Pole Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Inc. makes every day when we are called to your place to fix your air conditioning system.
After all repair were done we started the system and left it up, running, cooling and draining like a champ.
Give us a call, you won't be disappointed. We are specialists in making things last forever.
North Pole Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Inc. gives what you want most: COMFORT at affordable prices.

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