Sunday, February 1, 2015

=========== SEE OUR WORK ==========

See another super awesome completed project performed by our team of super qualified installation technicians.
For only $1,722.00 we have replaced an old duct system in a house that was being renovated. 
As you can see the BEFORE and the AFTER, the difference is absolute.
The new duct system has even more capacity to assume a bigger and more efficient HVAC system that handles more volume of air if the owner decides to do it.
The most important part of an HVAC system and the one that makes the installed equipment more efficient is the DUCT SYSTEM.
Some times it is the most forgotten to update when new equipment is installed.
We are really happy with the outcome, so the owners are. That's the bottom line. Everybody happy.
This is the Way North Pole Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Inc. approaches HVAC.
We are not afraid to show how we work.
We want you to call us for your air conditioning needs.
Bring us your challenge. No matter if it is beneath a mobile home or inside an attic, we will get the job done.
That is why we are in business for: To give what you want most: COMFORT at affordable prices.