Sunday, July 13, 2014


Mark Lenox from Winter Springs, FL.

Service performed on June 19-2014.

Located crack in copper line - Replaced old copper lines - evacuated system - replaced refrigerant - system blows cold - Wife is happy so I have peace.
A RARE FIND, NORTH POLE AC - A company of honesty, competence, & integrity. After 30 years in Central Florida I've found this Gem in an industry fraught with deception. Owner Lisandro's has a simple business model he builds LONG TERM customer relationships through honesty & IMPECCABLE workmanship. A previous company had kinked copper runs beneath my slab which after few years led to refrigerant leak. To correct the prior company's mistakes, Lisandro removed damaged lines, installed new copper lines, brazed connections, pressurized leak check, took extra time to thoroughly evacuate system, and recharge. Workmanship is IMPECCABLE - HE TAKES NO SHORTCUTS and treated my system as if it were his own. I found the three top rated AC companies on Angie's list and had all three come to my home for comprehensive interviews. Right from introduction, Lisandro instilled confidence in his practices. In the end my system functioned as promised for fraction of the cost of replacement unit. Central Floridians, we need to keep local businesses like this successful!